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Health and Welfare

All children involved in accidents or sustaining injuries, other than very minor ones, are seen by our team of First Aiders, who will make a record in the Accident Book.


If the accident is such that a visit to hospital may be required, the parents/carers are contacted as soon as possible to inform them of the accident and to ask them to take their child to casualty. 


Please note that no medicines can be administered in school unless it is agreed that the dosage requirements make it unavoidable (i.e. the medicine has been prescribed to be taken at a specific time during the school day), the medicine is supplied in its original container with full labelling by the pharmacy and an Administration of Medicines form is completed by the parent at the school office. Medicines are administered by one of our First Aiders. Inhalers, which will be kept safely but avaliable throughout the school day, are allowed in school. Children have access to them whenever they may be needed.