James Dixon

Primary School

Learning to be the best I can

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Who's Who


Head Teacher
Michelle Aldred


Deputy Head Teacher:
Kevin Minnott




Assistant Headteacher

Robin Entwistle



Assistant Headteacher & LOtC Leader

Fred Banks



School Business Manager

Sue Thorpe


Office Manager
Sue Churchill

Attendance Officer
Toni Oakham

Finance Officer
Thanh Hoang

Site Managers:
Ray Jones
Dave Willmott
Chris Read


Early Years Foundation Stage

Nursery - Kind Class
Alison Murfett
Fereshteh Vassighy
Micha Watson
Angela Badiu


Brave Class

Nicole Holley

Creative Class
Lindsey McDonald (NQT Mentor)

Lee Carter
Rachel Huxley

Lynn Newman
Jennifer Atkinson
Craig Palmer (P.E Coach)


Companion Class
Corlette Mehibal
Tess Flitter
Patricia Hinds

Becky Calame

Kara Weedon (Based In Reception)

Sam Bailey (Based In Reception)


Key Stage One

Positive Class
Charlene Dass (Year One Lead Teacher & Forest School Leader)

Mandy Carter

Dynamic Class

Elizabeth Morse

Mary Erskine


Believe Class

Shelley Smith-Chandler

Kirsty Waldron (Forest School Leader)


Inspire Class

Sam Sapsford (Year 2 Lead Teacher & NQT Mentor)


Adam Morgan



Michelle Mitchell

Focus Class
Tara Treleven (School Direct Senior Mentor)
Donatella Nardozza

Leon Morris


Persevere Class

Kathryn Newman

Sarah Ashley

Debbie Daley (School Based Counsellor)

Key Stage 2

Optimistic Class
James Fraser (Forest School Leader)
Kwabena Pabbi

Courageous Class
Chloe Robinson


Latoya Grant

Anna Michon-Kowalska

Resilience Class
Jamie Jankowski (Phase Leader LKS2)



Cherell Gunter

Innovative Class
Andrea Hanson

Eleanor Cogil


Visionary Class

Phil Coxley

Shereen Gunter


Progress Class

Rebecca Smith

Caron Morgan

Barbara Roasmond

Harmony Class
Philip George



Maria Campbell

Wisdom Class
Sarah Ogilvie (Phase Leader UKS2)

Margaret Quarry

Pip Shorter (Forest School Leader)


Katy Newsome


EAL Teacher
Heather Hawthorn

Reading Recovery

Ana Tomsa


PPA Teacher

Becky O'Brien


Family Worker

Jude McIntyre

Physical Education
Reece O'Callaghan


1:1 Tuition 
Laura McCloud


Speech and Language Therapy

Dhruti Patel